Hello, World! (again)

Hello, World! (again)

Hey there! I hope you are having a good day. I'm a computer engineering student from Turkey and happy to back to the blogging again.

It's been a rough year, pandemic gave us a lot of headache lately. We got stuck at home, felt depressed and gained some weight. On the other hand, pandemic also gave us a lot of time to think about what is important in our lives, what to do next and etcetera.

From the beginning of pandemic I've been learning iOS development and it is going great so far. iOS development was always my passion since the beginning of my coding journey but I couldn't get into it because of not having a Mac.

My main focus was on JavaScript so far. You could do anything with it and that was awesome. I've done front-end development with React, back-end development with Express and also cross-platform mobile app development with React Native. I've also written a lot of articles about it and that gave me several job opportunities. Even though JavaScript and its exciting and non-stop growing community is great, there is also a lot of confusion on best practices. Every day you could see that someone throwing a new framework at you. I wanted to get into a more niche and quiet place that I can continue to learn and have fun along the way peacefully.

Anyway, In this blog I will be sharing my experiences in this journey while sometimes creating "how to" articles and sometimes like this sitting and talking about stuff that excites me or bores me that I want to get out of my head. In the mean time I want to get to know new people that have same passion that I have and be friends with them.

Let's create something great, make some mistakes, learn from them and last but not least have fun together!

P.S. English is not my mother language so I can make simple mistakes in it sometimes so thank you for your understanding.

Article cover photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash