Failed to prepare device for development issue

I’m not sure that you have experienced this issue before or not but I thought writing it down somewhere might be useful for the future. Before learning the solution, I was thinking I have to upgrade my Xcode and iOS version of my device in paralel. According to my researches, I don't need to do that anymore. I updated my iOS version and while trying to get a new build faced this issue just below.

Screen Shot 2022-04-13 at 13.11.18.png

If you have a poor internet connection like me it’s a nightmare to update your Xcode. I’ve started to research alternative solutions and realized this has been a common issue so far.

Solution is really simple; you first need to open up your finder, from the menu above select “Go“ option and then some dropdown menu will appear from that menu select the “Go to Folder“ option and paste the path below and press enter to access the directory.


Now that you access the directory, go to this GitHub repository and download your device’s support files. After that, unzip the files and paste into the directory.

You may need to close your Xcode project and open up again or clean up your build folders in order to get going. I hope this article helps to solve your problem. Do not hesitate to show your appreciation via sharing the article, leaving a reaction or adding a comment in the comment line below. I don't know any of readers have noticed yet, now you have an option to buy me a coffee! ☕️